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Commit be1bef14 authored by TJHeeringa's avatar TJHeeringa

Fixed /home url

parent 98a87ce2
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ const NotAuthorized = (props) => {
const { authenticated } = useAuth();
return (
<Redirect exact from={"/"} to={authenticated ? "/protected/v/home" : "/account/login"}/>
<Redirect exact from={"/"} to={authenticated ? "/protected/home" : "/account/login"}/>
<Route exact path={"/account/login"} render={() =><Login/>}/>
<Route exact path={"/account/forgotpassword"} render={() =><ForgotPasswordWithRouter/>}/>
<Route exact path={"/account/signup"} render={() =><SignupWithRouter/>}/>
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