Commit 395c1a43 authored by TJHeeringa's avatar TJHeeringa

Minor bugfixes

parent 87d29ef1
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ export class MembershipRequest extends Component {
return Helper.api_call(process.env.REACT_APP_API_URL + '/memberships', "POST",
{"status": 'Pending', "profile": profile.url, "association": association.url, "type": type, data: association_data}, 'json',
{"status": 'Pending', "profile": profile.url, "association": association.url, "type": type, specific_data: association_data}, 'json',
()=>{this.context.handleAlertHandler('green', 'Membership request sent')},
()=>{this.context.handleAlertHandler('red', 'Something went wrong sending your membership request')}
......@@ -103,13 +103,13 @@ export class MembershipRequest extends Component {
<AvGroup check>
<AvInput type="checkbox" id="privacy" name="privacy" required/>
<Label for="privacy">I have read the <a
href={"privacy"}>Privacy Statement</a>.</Label>
href={association.privacy_statement}>Privacy Statement</a>.</Label>
<AvFeedback>You have to read the privacy statement.</AvFeedback>
<AvGroup check>
<AvInput type="checkbox" id="terms_of_service" name="terms_of_service" required/>
<Label for="terms_of_service">I have read and agree to the <a
href={"terms_of_service"}>Terms of Service</a>.</Label>
href={association.terms_of_service}>Terms of Service</a>.</Label>
<AvFeedback>You have to accept the terms.</AvFeedback>
<Button color="primary" outline block type="submit">Become member</Button>
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