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Commit 042df9a8 authored by TJHeeringa's avatar TJHeeringa

Fixed bug2

parent bbf411e6
......@@ -322,8 +322,14 @@ const Matchings = ({ association }) => {
"right_phase": ["PhD", "Master", "Premaster", "Bachelor", "Other"],
"right_type": member_types.map(member_type=>member_type.type),
"right_new_type": member_types.map(member_type=>member_type.type),
...Object.fromEntries(data_fields.map(field=>["left_"+field.name, field.choices.split(",")])),
...Object.fromEntries(data_fields.map(field=>["right_"+field.name, field.choices.split(",")]))
.filter(field=>field.type === "Choice")
.map(field=>["left_"+field.name, field.choices.split(",")]
.filter(field=>field.type === "Choice")
.map(field=>["right_"+field.name, field.choices.split(",")]
}), [member_types, data_fields]);
const currencyColumns = useMemo(()=>{
const base_columns = ["membership_fee"];
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