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Improved overview-ability (thanks Marielle) + Updates

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......@@ -3,18 +3,36 @@ Entries are sorted in descending order by:
2. book, phdthesis, article, inproceedings, misc;
3. last name of first, then second, then third author.
author = {Carlos E. Budde
and Arnd Hartmanns},
title = {Replicating {RESTART} with Prolonged Retrials: An Experimental Report},
booktitle = {{TACAS}},
year = "to appear",
author = {Jaime Arias
and Carlos E. Budde
and Penczek, W. and
and Carlos E.\ Budde
and Wojciech Penczek
and Laure Petrucci
and Teofil Sidoruk
and Mari{\"e}lle Stoelinga},
title = {Hackers vs.\ Security: {A}ttack-{D}efence {T}rees as Asynchronous Multi-Agent Systems},
year = 2020,
booktitle = {{ICFEM}},
doi = {(to appear)},
series = {{LNCS}},
volume = 12531,
publisher = {Springer International Publishing},
pages = {3--19},
doi = {10.1007/978-3-030-63406-3_1},
OPTisbn = {978-3-030-63405-6},
......@@ -95,7 +113,7 @@ Entries are sorted in descending order by:
and Ra{\'u}l E. Monti
and Pedro R. D'Argenio
and Mari{\"e}lle Stoelinga},
title = {Rare Event Simulation for Non-Markovian Repairable Fault Trees},
title = {Rare Event Simulation for Non-{M}arkovian Repairable Fault Trees},
year = 2020,
booktitle = {{TACAS}},
series = {{LNCS}},
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